Yes I Am Here

In Yes I Am Here, Sandra discusses her conflict over having compassion with people and situations that are difficult to have compassion for.

Sandra: I rationalize things, contemplate this stacking up of elements that apparently gets thrown in my face consistently…trying so hard to hold on to my compassion and my inner calm by grasping tightly to the thing that breaks me free of the hurt; by making room inside myself to understand the depth of another human being and connect to their innocence.

It’s the most challenging thing to do when it comes to having compassion, in the face of violent ignorance.  I remain tame because life has taught me to not waste my precious time on such things.  I am needed for greater commitments that I must see fulfilled to help such concerns. Time is a precious window for all of us but I will be sure to give what is essential from myself to help circumvent the circumstances.

Yes.  I am here. I see.  I understand.  I will help.

Joseph Arnone