You Come To Me

In this dark criminal minded monologue You Come To Me, Cabaje is a gangster who gives favors for a piece of your body or else.

CABAJE:  Hmmm.  You come to me…and you say to me, how you need me to help you.  Hmm?  You come to me and you say to me all the things that you want me to do for you.  Hmm…


You come to me; like you know me.  But where have I shown you that you know me.  You come to me and you make me wonder why you are using me.


You know who I am?  Hmm..I know who you are…are you not a spineless rat looking for it’s mother’s tit?  Are you not a roach, dumb enough to get stepped on?  (beat) Hmm?  You come to me, with your ideas for me but you don’t know me.  Hmm…


I will do what you ask but for such rudeness I must cut off your thumb.  I will save your daughter’s life.  I will.  But I will have your thumb as my trophy.  I will stick it in a jar and keep it through all the stages of disintegration.  (beat) This will remind you, everyday, who you are. (beat) I don’t want to hear a word.  Leave me now, Roberto will take care of my thumb and I guarantee you by night fall, your daughter will be safe.

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