You Think This Is A Game?

In the monologue, You Think This Is A Game, Marlo confronts a new member of his crew about how he hasn’t been bringing in enough money.

MARLO: You gotta bring this thing in ova here. You wanna be part of my crew..talking to me about some guy you know who’s got a lot of bread and he’s gonna make this investment, that investment…no investment. Where?  Where is the investment, Vin?

I have Aldo leaning on me day in and day out!  All four hundred pounds of that fat greasy bastard leaning, sweating in my ear like a hog, clinging to me like the hair on your balls.

You think that’s easy?  You think that’s good times at the club?

If I don’t earn, who you thinks gonna get whacked first? They gonna whack me, before they whack you.

Find the money!!!  Any money!  I don’t care if you gotta rob your own Grandmother. I don’t care if you roll up on some kid’s lunch money.  I don’t care if you find pennies on the floor.  Anything!

Just find it and hand it over, now, now, now.  Go!  Turn around and go now!

(Chris pulls out his gun and shoots Vin in the back)

Yeah, go find the money now you low life bum…go find it for me now.

Joseph Arnone


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