You Think You Know Everything?

In You Think You Know Everything?, BREWSTER has been brought in to give his advice on a company that wishes to grow their business. 

BREWSTER: Listen, you aren’t a dumb guy, okay?  You’re not.  I mean, look how you manage things in this place.  Really well, really, really well but the problem I see for you is that you have too much brawn going on, too much brawn in the game and not enough openness.  You close yourself off.

When I explained to you what you should consider doing you scoffed at the idea of my suggestion.  Now, it’s not about being right or wrong because at the end of the day, I can really give a shit if you take my advice.  I’m here as a favor, right?  I just don’t like being looked at as a fool from a fool.  No, no, no before you say anything.  Just listen.  I’m talking now.

Again, you’re not stupid but you aren’t allowing your mind to be smarter.  Remove the ego, drop the facade and get practical with what I told you before.  What I told you works.  Period.  What you do works as well but there’s a shift happening and it’s so slight that you don’t see it, let alone feel it.

What does that mean?  It means you are going to find yourself scrambling in the cold without a coat two years from now all because you want to do things the same old way and because you know everything.  Right?

You need to maneuver now for tomorrow.  If not, you’re out.

Joseph Arnone


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