You Will Look Pretty Amazing

In You Will Look Pretty Amazing, CARA approaches a girl about helping her apply some makeup in order to highlight her natural features.

Cara: Okay, so, I know we really don’t know eachother and everything but I’d like to bring something up to you because I think it might be a good look.

You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.  (beat)  I think you are pretty but you hide yourself.  I think you can really stand out if you put some makeup on to brighten your natural looks.

I’m not saying you need makeup to look pretty.  I just think that if you made a little effort, you would actually be pretty amazing.

Would you be willing to try on some of my makeup?  I can put it on for you and if you don’t like it we can take it right off.  I promise not to go overboard, it’s just some light touches, nothing crazy but enough to really highlight your features and I promise you that you will thank me after.

Are you down?

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