Your Actor Website Is Your Media Company

Your actor website is your media company.  It is the home base where people in your industry visit to learn more about you.  As an actor you have the opportunity to showcase your work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without even being there and it’s all starring…you.

Pretty cool, when you think about it like that, right?  It works for you, even while you sleep.

Consider this, you are an actor who works your tail off on your craft, taking classes, auditioning for everything you possibly can, acting in plays, films, t.v. and web series.

You can post all that hard work to your website as part of your content creation strategy through your blogging and social media reach.

I’ve seen many artists do the work and go as far as putting it up on their site but nothing more gets done because there is a lack of marketing strategy.

The Advantages of Owning Your Own Actor Website

When you blog posts about your work here’s what happens:

  • Did you know that by using WordPress, each time you publish a post it gets “pinged” to search engines?  The Google bots come charging to your site because they detected movement and they want to see what it was.  The movement is your new piece of published content.  The bots will then index that new piece of content once they’ve located it and place it in the search engine so people can find it.

That’s just one of the reasons why I recommend you to work with WordPress for your actor website.  It helps you get discovered.  Over 25% of the internet is run on WordPress.

You need to promote your work and get people involved in it and one of the smartest approaches is through blogging and social media.  Those are just two marketing points you can leverage to help promote your work online as an actor.

It pays to change your perspective on the power of what your actor website can do for you.  When you look at your website as your media company, it will give you a push to maintain it and continue to run it like a business.  You are your brand and your website is how you feature your brand to the public and your industry.

Running your actor website like a marketing business for your brand empowers you.  It gives you more control over who you are in the industry and how you wish to be perceived.  This is the way you need to think about it.  Too many actors have a website and it remains static.  It does nothing.  You need to get active with it.  You need to generate content that represents who you are so people can learn about you and engage with you.  This is how you grow connections today.

The old way still works but you need to adapt to the changing industry and evolve with the new ways of networking for your acting career as well.

It’s not just about auditioning and taking classes.  You can be the greatest actor in the world and no one will care.  Share your work with people through your own actor website.

Grow an audience, build your brand and expand your career.  There are unlimited possibilities.

Some of the biggest actors in the industry use WordPress.  I’ll give you one…Channing Tatum.  He’s got a WordPress site!  That’s just one example.  What about the music industry, artists like Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry all use WordPress for their websites.

Take a look at how those actors and artists are using their website as a media company for their own brand.

You don’t need a lot of money to have an actor website just as good as them.  The point is actually having one that can help you gain exposure.

By starting now and building your brand, you are only giving yourself a professional advantage to stand out from the pack.  Your actor website is your media company because you are your media company.

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