Back On The Map

In Back On The Map, Chiara realizes that all her hopes and dreams have come crashing down from friend and famous art dealer/collector Guillermo.

CHIARA: Oh…that. Yes. Promotion makes it seem so, I don’t know, so clumsy in a way, don’t you think? Promotion. Hmm. I liked it better when you told me you were producing. That’s right. You said, “Chiara, I am going to produce the greatest exhibition this side of the Atlantic. It will be memorable, exciting, fresh, fun and profitable.” Remember those words?

You sold me on your scheme. Look now…look around you…what do we have? Huh? Where is this fun, exciting, memorable exhibition you claimed? Huh?! I admit, this is memorable. That I cannot say, isn’t true. This is a memorable evening.

One filled with lies, deceit, tricks and broken promises! Just you and me in this large empty warehouse!

Tell me, why has no one showed up here? It has been two hours and I want to know what your excuse will be? Tell me! I am dying to know.


How can you stand there? How can you have the gaul to show up here yourself? If I were you, I would have fled as far as I could go. This embarrassment is a disgrace. I have never been so humiliated in my life.

I put so much in you. I believed everything you told me, despite my intuition screaming at me, “No, no, no!” I didn’t want to listen because I want what you promised so badly. I was foolish. I was blind. And now I am ashamed.

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Back On The MapIn this one-act ePlay, infamous art dealer Guillermo Tussod has failed his dear friend Chiara’s art gallery exhibition by ruining her reputation from the smearing of his own.

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