1 Act Plays and Short Scripts for Actors

Are you searching for a good one act play or short script?  Here are 5 one act plays and 5 film scripts offered free so that you can work your creative skills in class or video projects.  You will find small cast size material 1-5 or 5-10 minutes long.

1 Act Plays and Short Scripts for Actors

  1. The Bear (play) Tiffany is confused about her career path and talks to her teacher for help and guidance.
  2. Devil In Man’s Eye (script) Marv comes swinging by Patty’s place to borrow money from her.
  3. Coffee Table (play) Melanie is a psycho ward patient who sees things that aren’t really there…or does she?
  4. Match Made In Heaven (script) Mick reveals his vulnerability to his girlfriend Tia for the very first time.
  5. Beautiful Day (play) Linda has never been able to get over her looks.  She has a strong tendency to look down upon herself, that is until she meet a stranger in a park.
  6. Vouch (script) Hector does everything in his power to convince his boss to keep him on the job so he doesn’t get fired.
  7. Two Shades Away  (play) Melanie has given up on her dream of being a dancer but her friend’s strength turns her back on to it.
  8. The Wrong Ring (script) an old friend has passed away but someone has been eyeing ‘the ring’ for years.
  9. Shadows of My Mind (play) Naomi turns to her Aunt when it comes to matters of the heart.
  10. The Lights Shine Bright (script) Carolina is a strip dancer and she comes head to head with her boss Butch over the quality of her work.

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