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“Build Me A Rocket Ship” (comedy) – explores what it’s like to feel trapped with the desire to break free from the life you’re living confined in.   From the play Darling Face.

“I Once Seen A Boxer” – (drama) a story about a boxer who is past his prime and wants to work for a mobster in order to take care of his mother’s doctor bills.  From the play Big Time.

“I’m Not The Needy Type, Right?” (comedy) – two best friends talk about this guy Megan met a few days ago and he still hasn’t called.  From the play Phone Calls.

“I’ve Decided To Stay Alone Ever Since” (teen drama) – Matt avoided a situation that he regrets because he may have been able to help someone in need.  From the play Far Enough.

“No Flowers, Not Even a Card” (dark comedy) – Milton is a miserable and unhappy figure and his partner does all that he can to help him.  From the play Milton’s Plight.

“Did You Study for That Shakespeare Exam?” (teen drama) – Dean tries to give his best friend Paula motivation in order to lift her spirits.  From the play Dust In Our Eyes.

“Can I Confess Something To You?” (serio-comedy) – Willis has been experiencing private trauma and finally confesses what he’s going through to his girlfriend Susan.  From play Waking Hours.

“I Think We’re Missing Out” (teen drama) – Shadira is always under pressure by being committed to her figure skating and doing good in school and she turns to her mother for more support.

“Our Town Is The Pits” (teen drama) – a contaminated lake and the teenage friends who decide on a challenge to swim in it.  From the play Acid Taste.

“Won’t You Just Look At That Sky!”  (drama) – two old time lovers meet again after years have gone by.  From the play Nothin’ but Good Things.