10 Practice Scripts for Actors

Here are 10 practice scripts for actor auditions, workshops, demo reel videos or scene work for class.  Acting Auditions: Monologues & Scripts for Film, TV and Theatre is another powerful resource of content for your own creative projects.

  1. Encountera period piece about two people who first meet and have an instant liking for one another.
  2. Dead Girla terrible situation occurs in this comedy when a man calls his best friend for help because the woman he was sleeping with overdosed on drugs.
  3. Peak Heat Hour – a father who has been kicked out of his own own from his wife because he hasn’t been keeping up with the bills, pays a visit to see his daughter, only he encounters a situation he never would have imagined.
  4. Real Againtwo teenagers are in love and plan to make their escape.
  5. Basket Casea comedy sketch with a single mother raising her only daughter.
  6. Nitty Grittythis takes place back during the early 20th century with irish criminal immigrants.
  7. Harold’s Eara comedic scene with a Uncle and his Niece.  The niece practices her musical instrument with passion but with horrific results and the Uncle is at his wit’s end listening to it.
  8. Dirt Moutha man visits a hotel in Rockaway Queens, New York, where a man who resides there and owns the hotel sells guns.
  9. True Blood Ties this is a family scene that takes place between a father (who is locked up in prison) and his daughter who visits him.  The scene reveals the difficulty of separation in family, the struggle of family finances and other elements under-riding the subtext of the scene.
  10. Weight of Laughteran interesting look into a man who makes a living “laughing” for films.  In this scene he gets interviewed on a radio show.  Mid-way through the interview things go ‘off’,only to restore back to normal soon after.  Did it really happen or was it in his mind?