Once in a Pink Moon

In Once In A Pink Moon, Dorothy tries her best to get ‘friendly’ with her landlord Mr. Rightman, who is visiting to check on a pipe leak.

DOROTHY (coming on strong): It does get lonely sometimes. Especially when Sammy’s off to school. I find myself wandering about the rooms. Not much to do in these parts. It’d be nice to have a companion, someone who can visit me once in a pink moon, just to make sure the pipes are clear and the heating works, or if the bedroom needs a paint job. Things like that. Especially on summer days, that’s when I’m most thirsty, you ever get so thirsty you could scream? Well, now, I don’t imagine you would, you being a hard, strong working man, I bet you’re always satisfied. That right? You always satisfied Mr. Rightman?

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Once In A Pink Moon by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Once In A Pink Moon, Dorothy asks her attractive landlord Mr. Rightman to come over to fix a sink that doesn’t really need fixing.  1 Woman, 1 Man, 1 Boy.  Drama/Serio-Comedy.

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