Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

In Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, Barbra is calling it quits on her company due to a major betrayal, but her loyal employee Jack doesn’t want her to let it go.

BARBRA: Because it gave us leverage! I knew she was a snake the moment I received the call. Call it instinct, a gut feeling. I knew instantly that she was out for blood, but I decided to play her little game because I saw opportunity.

I didn’t pull us out of it in time and I must say, I fell for her charms…too many meetings that became like two old friends going out for drinks…sharing intimate tellings, building trust, all the while knowing deep inside myself that she was sharpening her knife.

Everything about this woman was wrong, but she was so damn good at being genuine that I wanted to believe she was out for my best intentions. I wanted to buy in to what I so desperately needed, personally. I soaked up all the attention she gave me like a teen having a first time crush. Shame on me…

I was vulnerable. I’m embarrassed to admit, she gave me what I needed and I lost myself in the fantasy.

I forgot about the company’s needs. I put my own selfish needs over the company, over the people that work for me, and I did it to myself…she was only the key, I turned the lock.

And because I lent a blind eye to her proceedings, here we are, Jack. I’m sorry…

That hurts more, way more, to know you didn’t trust your intuition because of your own damn selfishness.

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Wolf In Sheep's ClothingIn this one-act ePlay Barbra is on the verge of losing her business and Jack tries to convince her to not close its doors.

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