A Dark Heart

In A Dark Heart, Henrick is a father taken back by his children’s resistance to welcoming and inviting Filippa into their home.

HENRICK:  You better mind yourself young man. Her mother worked for us, that’s true, but that gives you no right to look down on her. You are no better than she was. No better! We have taken in Filippa because we saw her as part of this family, because we can offer her an opportunity in life that she deserves to have. The same opportunity your mother and I provide for the both of you. Yes, she isn’t your sister by blood but she is your sister by heart. And let that stand for something. She needs us and one day you may need her. Be careful with the mistakes you both make, you are my children, I love you both dearly but I will not tolerate a dark heart. Filippa is your equal, nothing more and certainly nothing less. I will forgive today’s comments, so long as you both apologize to Filippa this instant and never again make her feel anything other than your own sister. Is that agreed?

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A Dark Heart by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay A Dark Heart, Filippa is adopted by her deceased mother’s employers but is having an extremely difficult time adjusting to her new life, especially in the face of two other children that don’t wish to give her a chance.  1 Woman, 1 Man, 3 children ages 12-13.  Drama/Family Drama.

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