In Red Winter

In drama monologue, “In Red Winter,” Todd hatches a risky strategy and informs his brother of what they must do to beat their enemy.

TODD:  Captive by my own hand, my own mind. Trapped with no exit strategy possible. Waiting inside death row, but then it happened; a sweet little angel appeared to me in the dark, forging a path that showed me the faces of betrayal. Their faces. There’s work to be done now, brother, in due time.

Understand that I am a ghost. Dead. Gone. We will keep it this way. Only you will know. You’ll lead our revolt, I’ll pull the strings. There’ll be an official announcement of my death. We’ll carry out the funeral. The perpetrators have shown their hand; they’ll never see ours.

For good reason, Seamus. There is nothing more chilling to the bone than fighting someone you cannot see, hear, or smell. We will turn their needs into turmoil; their weapons will be waste, and their cliques dragged and pitted against one another. And in such chaos, when the frenzy has reached its crescendo, that is when we will wipe the slate clean.

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In Red Winter by Joseph ArnoneIn the drama play act, “In Red Winter,” two brothers carve out a strategy where one of them will fake their death in order to get revenge on their enemy.  2 Men.  Drama. Crime Drama. 

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