Ache and Moan

In Ache and Moan, Kendra talks to Carlotta about why she shouldn’t miss her mother and some realistic views on life.

KENDRA: I told you, you come work for me, your life’s gonna be different. I never made no promises, in fact I never make no promises to anyone cause I learned early on that life doesn’t allow you to keep ’em, so why make ’em? All any of us can do is just do what we do, live life, try, and that’s it. Accept the life that’s given to us. Believe me, I was like you once, a long time ago, ha, I was hopeful and dreamy-eyed and always thought in what could be, but after a while it slowly dawns on you that nothing changes, I mean, sh’t changes but not anything that really moves you out of this place we livin’ in to that other place we all wish to be in. That’s not me being a downer, that’s just real talk. I knew this guy David once…David was a good dude, he was always hustling and grinding, coming up with strategies to think outside the box and make something of himself…for a minute there Dave was actually making me believe in what could be…but, he was a false prophet that scarred me forever…it all came down hard on me when he went to prison and after some time got murdered behind bars and that was the end of that story, for both of us. Whatever it is you’re thinking, just look life in it’s ugly face and give it the finger, cause that’s all any of us can do.

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Ache and Moan Mini Play ScriptIn this one-act eplay, Kendra gives Carlotta a reality check about life and its expectations.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama

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