Maybe There’s Beauty in Self-Sacrifice

Reggie has a heartfelt talk with Don, sharing insight into building a better relationship with one’s father in 1 act drama eplay Fever Dream.

REGGIE: Maybe there’s beauty in self-sacrifice.

DON: Hmm. Never heard that one before.

REGGIE: Maybe all any of us are supposed to do is suck it up. Live out our average lives and hold our breath for as long as we can…

DON: …Before we fall…

REGGIE: Exactly.

DON: …Before my dad died he told me he loved me…believe that?

REGGIE: He did?

DON: First time, last time. Must have been while he was in a fever dream, maybe…but, he died right after, like minutes right after that.

REGGIE: And he said he loved you?

DON: I was sitting down. The only one in the room. My brothers, they’re from out of state and were traveling in…I was just sitting there…he was supposedly in a vegetative state, so he was on his way out and I heard him speak, clear as day the words, Donnie I love you…and that was it, he checked out…

DON wipes his eyes with his bar towel.

Sorry…don’t mean to get upset in front of a beautiful lady.

REGGIE: That’s alright.

DON: You have your own problems.

REGGIE: No, really, it’s okay.

DON: If you were to ask me if it was worth it, all the years of abuse and carnage, just to hear my old man say them words once to me, well, if I was being totally honest with ya, I’d have to say YES, hearing him say them words meant everything to me, though when he said them I hated his guts. It was like a spear of love was slammed through my chest and I haven’t been able to take it out ever since. And it’s a good thing. I only think about my two brothers and the fact that they didn’t get to have that with him.

REGGIE: You ever tell them?

DON: Tell them what?

REGGIE: What your dad told you in the end?

DON: Nah…I can’t…they been through enough pain and oh, I don’t know, I don’t wanna hurt them more by saying it but…

REGGIE: Maybe it would give them some relief to know he said that to you.

DON: Relief? Perhaps you’re right. I ain’t never thought about it that way before.

REGGIE: They would know he had a good spot left in him.

DON: …Yeah…

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