Drenched to the Bone

In Drenched to the Bone, Miles visits his ex-girlfriend because he misses her and would like to see her again.

MILES:  I came over cause I wanted to look at you. Being in my mind wasn’t good enough and so I took a bus over to see you in person because it makes me feel better, makes things feel more real for me is all. The mind can be a limiting place if we allow it to be. There’s something about the physical sense that makes things feel, I don’t know, like they matter. I know I may not mean anything to you anymore and I totally get that and it’s a real, uh, I really appreciate you letting me in your apartment and allowing me to see you cause I don’t think I’d be as good to me as you are to me if I were you looking at me…am I making sense? So; I was watching you from outside, but that wasn’t enough, I wanted to hear you talk, see you behave, have you look back at me, just so I can feel something again…been hard to feel anything anymore; I’m sorry, I had to tell you the truth. I wasn’t going to knock but every time I was about to walk away my heart started to pound; and I, I, I wanted more..of you..even if it’s momentarily, this way I can keep breathing a little bit longer, at least until I can learn to breathe on my own again.

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Drenched to the Bone by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Drenched to the Bone Miles shows up at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment because he misses her and wishes to see her again.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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