Act of Pure Love

Act of Pure love is a dark humor comedy play script about a couple that may or may not fix what’s broken within their relationship.

SAUL:  I was mean; I was horrible to you and I thought long and hard about what I could do to make it up to you. It had to be something internal, right? All the externals didn’t seem relevant to me anymore, not for me…therefore, I took the liberty of cutting off my pinkie.

Wait, Nicki, before you scream, I want you to know first and foremost that this is an act of pure love, right? It became the only act thinkable that I could take that could ever come remotely close to feeling better about how I mistreated you…so, (hands Nicki a small box wrapped in a bow) there it is. A token I’ve had gold plated, it’s yours, it was once mine but now it is yours for what I’ve done and I hope, I truly hope that you can forgive me and love me and we can have a little baby together, like you’ve always dreamed because I know that’s what you’ve always wanted and I see now, truly, that there isn’t a damn thing I wouldn’t ever do for the woman I love.

Okay, sweetheart? You want to have a baby, LET’S have a baby. Let’s make loads of babies. We can pop them out two or three at a clip.

That will suit me just fine. I know twins run in your family so, I’m game.

Look, we both come from absolutely insane, crazy families, but who cares? When two people are in love, what’s to stop them from adding to the parade? For all we know we can have a child who has a two-hundred IQ, a total genius. So, why the heck not?

And, one more thing..if I ever, ever, ever cross the line with you again, I will cut off my other pinkie and keep going until there is nothing left and believe me, I want to stick around, especially if we have kids, yeah, so I am pretty darn sure that my pinkie is as far as I will go, for sure…so, what do you say? Can we move forward now?

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Act of Pure Love by Joseph ArnoneIn the dark humor comedy eplay Act of Pure Love, Nicki has been staying at her family’s home after a terrible argument with her husband Saul.  Saul visits her at her family home in order to offer up a token of forgiveness.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Dark Humor. 

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