Bubble World

In Bubble World, Jasmine, who is the teenage cousin of Jessica, vents her frustration in regards to how she thinks Jessica lives in her own imaginary world.

JASMINE: Pink dress, purple dress, white dress…that’s all I hear. Brown shoes, white shoes, yellow shoes. On and on and on. Me, me, me, me, me…You are so wrapped up in your little world, Jess. You’re in this bubble that you need to break out of and realize that there are things in life other than having your face constantly in your phone.

Don’t you realize that we never hang out like we used to? And whenever we do hang out, you are either text messaging someone or calling someone else or hanging up posters on your bedroom wall. It’s like the only time we can go anywhere or do anything is if it revolves around something just you want to do and most of that stuff doesn’t even interest me anymore. God forbid I suggest something YOU don’t like.

We used to always do things together. I feel like we don’t click anymore. For once it would be nice for you to call me and ask what I’m up to, do something I like doing for a change. I want us to hang out more and I want us to have fun again. Don’t you?

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Two cousins have different points of view on the things that interest them the most and this causes a division in their relationship.  The issue gets confronted in this one act play for two female teenagers.

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