Promises, Promises

In this drama monologue, LITTIA is furious at her husband for not helping her raise their baby daughter because she feels all alone.

LITTIA: Hey, hey, I just put her to sleep.  Is that help?  Help!  Was that help? You leave her crying and screaming the whole time while I’m on the phone with my Mother.  What kind of help is that?  All she wanted was her bottle.  You couldn’t warm up one of her bottles?  There’s six of them ready to go in the fridge.  I didn’t sign up for this, Jed.  I am not raising our daughter alone!  Your ass is gonna help out with her…just because you work ten hours a day doesn’t mean I don’t work day and night raising our daughter.  You pressed me and pressed me hard, about wanting to have kids and you promised me to the HIGH HEAVENS that you would be there.  WELL, where are you?  On the couch falling asleep, watching t.v., doing nothing while she screams.  Not once, not twice, all the time!

You see?  That’s the kind of behavior that scares me.  I need help.  We committed to this together. You can’t expect me to do everything all of the time…give me some time to breathe. On the phone with my mother and you knew that and you still couldn’t give me just five minutes, five measly minutes to talk to her in peace.

Things better change or else I’m packing my sh’t and I’m outta here.  I’m warning you now!

(she goes into the other room)

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Promises Promises by Joseph Arnone

In this one-act play, Littia releases her anxiety to her husband Jed over the fact that she has singlehandedly been raising their baby and demands Jed step up and help promised or else.

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