16 Free Comedy Monologues for Actors

16 free comedy monologues for actors is a good mix of male/female comedic pieces for your next audition, class, actor demo reel.  From Teens to Adults.

16 Free Comedy Monologues for Actors


  1. A Smile Per Day Keeps A Wrinkle Away – a woman’s philosophy on smiling one time per day.
  2. Little Critters – ever get something caught in your eye?
  3. Thank You So Much – Helen does not know how to turn off her ‘thank you’ appreciation.
  4. Don’t Look At Me – a character monologue of a high powered fashion designer.
  5. Snot Rags – Elaine complains to her cousin for leaving snot tissues all around their apartment.
  6. Just For Laughs – a team of mothers share highlights of playing jokes on their children.
  7. Crazy Glue – Linda accidentally glues her hand to her cheek.  Ouch!
  8. Never Been Kissed – Kerry has never kissed a guy and in this monologue she talks about it.


  1. An Entire Tube of Toothpaste – Rizzo has been getting consistently hit with his co-workers horrid breath.
  2. Sack and Crack – here’s why most men never wax.
  3. A Performance of Eating Food – Mel gets grossed out by seeing his friend eat his food.
  4. Pride Comes Before A Fall – Marty does a moving favor for a woman he likes but pays a terrible price.
  5. Gone, Gone Burdie – a salesman from an infomercial with a new invention.
  6. Side Effects – a monologue about the ultimate wonder drug that cures everything.
  7. Crop Duster – anyone ever fart in your mouth?
  8. Medium – a man who just won’t accept that he isn’t as tall as he wishes to be.


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