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In this monologue, Nora talks about the tragic events that unfolded with her daughter. She speaks to a group of people in a therapy session.

NORA: I memorized the side of the bottle. I wanted to be clear to myself as to what I done and repeating that phrase to myself, reminds me of how horrible a person I am.

I just couldn’t quit the damn smoking. Had a habit of leaving my cigarettes lit when I’d put them down and forget ’em. My daughter, always used to play with my hair spray bottles. She would spray and then brush her dolls hair. Ha Ha, so cute she was.

…One day she was playing in the bathroom, while I was getting ready for work. Anyway, I was smoking my cigarettes and decided to put it down on top of the sink in order to fuss with my hair. Then the phone rang, the babysitter and I was distracted.

That’s when my baby daughter sprayed her hair bottle just right which caused the cigarette and the hair spray bottle to ignite and catch fire to the bathroom towel and to my daughters pretty face…

When I saw her…

I screamed…

Went to put the fire out…I put my hands all over her tender face while she kept screaming my name…


I panicked. I pulled her out of the bathroom, then back in the bathroom. I dunked her head into the toilet to put out the flames.

She was coughing and…

The rest is history.

My daughter is blind because of me. Because I smoked cigarettes, because I was stupid. Now my baby daughter is gonna be blind for the rest of her life and I did that. I took those beautiful blue eyes she had and singed them forever….FOREVER…

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In this one-act play, NORA is the newest member of a group of mothers who have experienced a tragic event with their child.

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