Harry Bunkin’s Deal

In Harry Bunkin’s Deal, Shelly is devastated over losing the savings put aside with her husband due to a poor investment with a friend.

SHELLY:  I love how you keep trying to spin this back on me as if it’s all my mistake, when I trusted you. I trusted you, Dumar! What will my husband and I live on now? Do you have any idea what you have done to us? Unless this was your plan all along…wasn’t it? You wanted to see us destroyed. Maybe our destruction gives you some kind of secret pleasure…after all, my husband did buy your business out…I noticed the shift between the two of you and I should have trusted my own instinct…how stupid I have been! (beat) Thinking you wanted to grow our wealth…how much did you make from your investment? Seems to me that you did quite nicely…where was your advice to me when I needed it most? Oh I despise you! I want you out! Out of my home! Don’t you ever come back here again! (beat) Dumar, I did such a terrible thing by not telling Frances…my husband has no idea what I had done…he is clueless of the investment…what am I going to do?

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Harry Bunkin's Deal by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Harry Bunkin’s Deal, Dumar arrives at Shelly’s home to let her know she has lost all money invested in a  private business.  Shelly is ruined not only financially but also because she never told her husband Frances what she was doing.  When Frances comes home the truth will finally be announced.  Comedy/Drama.  1 Woman, 2 Men. 

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