Can I Confess Something to You?

Willis witnessed the death of two birds and in this scene he tells Susan the truth from this dark humor one-act eplay, Waking Hours.

SUSAN: Can I confess something to you?


SUSAN: I saw what happened…both times.

WILLIS: You did?

SUSAN: I did.

WILLIS: Why didn’t you say anything? That’s not like you.

SUSAN: I was being selfish…I wanted to enjoy our walk together…I don’t really know why I didn’t say anything.

WILLIS: Didn’t it upset you?


WILLIS: Why didn’t…I can’t get my head around the fact that you didn’t say anything to me.

SUSAN: I think I’ve been in shock.

WILLIS: Shock?

SUSAN: Shock.

WILLIS: Are you alright?

SUSAN: It made me think of us. The two birds. It made me think what I would do if you had died. I couldn’t imagine life without you Willis, I play the whole scenario in my mind. I imagine the wake, the funeral, the family pain, and then the worst of it would be when I would finally be alone, without you in the house and there’s that quiet sound that frightens me most…the stillness…I imagined being that second bird. Imagined myself being too fed up with hurt to cope with it inside myself and I believe I would have done the inevitable, I would have flown directly into that same shiny window to chase you and find you and be with you all over again…because…I wouldn’t want to fly alone without you. I couldn’t.

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Waking Hours by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Waking Hours, Willis tries to share the trauma he’s been undergoing with his girlfriend Susan after he witnessed two birds die on two separate occasions.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Serio-comedy.

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