I’d Like To Go Away

Morris is a widower and his is daughter shows up to try and make things better in this one-act drama Holding On To Time.

PATRICIA: I’d like to go away.

MORRIS: Would you?

PATRICIA: I’ve always wanted to visit Australia.

MORRIS: Australia’s nice.


MORRIS: Japan is nice as well.


MORRIS: I very much liked Tibet.

PATRICIA: Where haven’t you traveled?

MORRIS: Your mother and I saw quite a bit together…

PATRICIA: Do you have a favorite place?

MORRIS: With your mother?


MORRIS: My favorite place is looking into her face whenever we’d go on our walks. It needn’t matter where we were located, the mountains, the lakeside, the garden…the view was always the same, looking into her face with a different background was all.

PATRICIA: That’s so sweet dad.

MORRIS: Oh, yeah. I can’t remember much more than that I’m afraid. I think that’s all I care to remember anyway. If that goes, I’ll go.

PATRICIA: What about me?

MORRIS: You’ll get on alright.

PATRICIA: I have no one else.

MORRIS: You have youth. When you have youth you have time to carve out your own life, which, by the looks of it you better get started on soon.


MORRIS: Time runs out for all of us, dear.

PATRICIA: I have time. You just said—

MORRIS: Ahhh, time is the great pretender. It makes you think you have forever, especially when things move slowly, but (snaps his fingers) just like that, you find yourself being an old man with a dead wife and a few vague memories left to carry you through to your end.

PATRICIA: That’s…life isn’t over until it’s over.

MORRIS: I agree.

PATRICIA: You can’t stay cooped up here everyday.

MORRIS: Why not?

PATRICIA: It isn’t healthy.

MORRIS: You a doctor now?

PATRICIA: I may not be your doctor but I’m your daughter and have a say.

MORRIS: I’ll give you that.

PATRICIA: And I say you need to see the sun.

MORRIS (pointing to window): It’s right there. I see it.

PATRICIA: It’s been weeks…

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Holding On To Time by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Holding On To Time, Morris has lost his wife and business and now his daughter Patricia turns to him to help him and herself by trying to improve their relationship.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.  

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