Window Pain

In Window Pain, VICKIE and LESLIE are in a rough relationship.  Vickie punched Leslie in the face and this is the aftermath hours later.  2 women.  Drama.

Window Pain

V: …Hey.

L: …Hey.

V: I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to punch you in the face.

L: Oh no? What did you mean then cause I have a black eye that’s shining like the moon on a pitch black night!

V: I know. I meant to punch you but I’m sorry I did and I shouldn’t have.  I really shouldn’t have, Leslie.  I would never want to hurt you.

L: It’s not the black eye that hurts…

V: Yeah well, you say such horrible things to me and you always talk down to me; I’ve given you so many warnings, so many times I’ve tried to tell you to stop, stop, stop and every time we argue you hit below the belt and it’s not like I haven’t been trying really hard to control my temper, alright?

L: Look at my big black eye.  You call that controlling your temper?  We’ve been through this…you’re lucky I ain’t called the police on you.  Still might.  Been debating it all this time.

V: Just quit it.  It’s not like you haven’t taken shots at me.  Remember that time you pushed me through the barn window.  I went clear straight through and landed in wart hog sh’t on the other side.  It actually saved me from a harder fall I imagine.

L: Yeah well,  you had it coming.

V: That’s exactly what I mean.  You see, you can relate to me, can’t you?

L: And my elbow, when you popped me I spun and landed straight down on my elbow.  I don’t know what’s worse.

(L adjusts her elbow on the ice pack)

V: You’re a real b***h.

L: And you’re Satan reincarnated as a woman.

V: Can we make up?  Please?  I’m really sorry I hurt you, Les…

L: I know I have a bad mouth on me, I know I said some terrible things to you, I get it, I admit it…but I’m not so sure how I feel about all this now that you’ve physically hurt me like this…

V: I still have scars on my beautiful thighs from barn window glass.  I still think about it and what you did.

L: Was this pay back then?

V: No, what I’m saying is that I still stuck with you.  You should stick with me cause if you don’t then that proves I love you most and I’ve always said I did despite what you say.

L: Right now love is the furthest thought from my mind.

V: Alright, so will it make you feel better to pop me back?

L: Get the hell out of here…you going real crazy on me.

V: Come on.  Just punch me one real good and we can call it even then.  Yeah?

L: I said hell no.  Stop it already before I send you to the asylum.

V: Maybe I’m better off at the asylum anyways.

L: Maybe

V: You think?

L: Maybe.

V: Maybe…hmmm.  (beat)  What if I give myself a quick jab to the eye. Will that make you feel better?

L:  You know what Vickie?  I don’t have the energy for you.  I can see out of one eye and can move one arm.  My head is pounding and I just want to conk out.  I’m exhausted.

V: Can I rub you?

(V starts rubbing L)

Does that feel good?

L: Yeah but keep it away from my wounds.

V: I’m so sorry I did this to you, please don’t hate me.  Please don’t be mad at me Les.

L: Damn girl, just give me some time.  I ain’t no robot that can turn on and off emotions at will.  I can’t stand you right now and you know that.  A few hours after what happened isn’t long enough for me to welcome you with open arms.

V: But will you?

L: Will I what?

V: Welcome me with open arms?

L: We’ll just have to wait and see.

V: Why?

L: Cause whenever someone hurts me deep, the way that you’ve done, it takes me a while to readjust myself to that person and sometimes there’s no going back.

V: So wutch you saying? We may not be together anymore?

L: If you keep pushing me, we definitely won’t be?

V: That’s bullsh’t!

L: Listen, if you keep pushing it, I will keep going further away from you.

V: Fine.  Suit yourself.  (beat) When you pushed me through that glass window, I let you care for me and I forgave you on the spot.

L: Cause you’re different than me.  No two people are the same.

V: Yeah but we are lovers so we are supposed to be connected in a certain way.

L: Not like that.  This is something different.

V: You hurt me and I was there.  I hurt you and now you’re running away.

L: Damn it, Vickie!  Stop acting so Goddamn stupid when it comes to things like this.  You gave me a black eye and almost broke my damn elbow. What do you really think?  Lucky I’m even speaking to your dumb ass right this instant.

V: Fine!  Do what you want.

L: I will.  You got some nerve getting all hot when I’m the patient and your the cause.

V: Yeah, well, I wouldn’t do this to you.  Make you feel all bad…it’s abuse.

L: Believe me, I’m not doing anything on purpose here.  I also think I’ve been extremely kind enough to you in the aftermath.  Trust me, where I come from, you’re lucky I didn’t react differently.  I’m actually surprised at myself right now.

V: Fine.

L: Fine.

V: Just let it go then.

L: Yeah…will you tell me if you at least forgive me for what I done?

V: YES, I forgive you…holy sh’t man.

L: Like really, really.  Like really forgive me for it?

V: Vickie, for the last time girl…I forgive you.  Okay?

L: Alright…I’ll take that.  I love you.

V: I forgive you.

L: Okay, okay…


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