You Make Me Feel Non-Existent

In this drama scifi scene from one-act play JEF, Landia realizes that her humanoid boyfriend will never replace the man she loves.

JEF: You make me feel non-existent.

LANDIA: I don’t mean to make you feel that way.

JEF: Don’t you believe in me?

LANDIA: Of course I believe in you.

JEF: Maybe I don’t deserve to have a place on this Earth.

LANDIA: No, no, you do.

JEF: You said you wanted to shut me down.

LANDIA: For me…not for you.

JEF: Where will I go?

LANDIA: You will go your separate way.

JEF: Alone?


JEF: I won’t be shut down?

LANDIA: I wouldn’t do that to you.

JEF: It goes against policy.

LANDIA: No one will know.

JEF: What if we get caught?

LANDIA: We won’t.

JEF: What if I am questioned?

LANDIA: You lie.

JEF: Lie and say what?

LANDIA: You lie and say we are still together.

JEF: Are we breaking up?


JEF: What about what I want?

LANDIA: What do you want?

JEF: To be with you.

LANDIA: I know.

JEF: I can’t lose you.

LANDIA: There is nothing you can do about it.

JEF: I’m supposed to report this.

LANDIA: I know. You won’t.

JEF: Why?

LANDIA: Because you love me and if you really love me, you won’t report. We will stick to our plan and we will do this for one another.

JEF: …Okay.

LANDIA: You will have your own freedom, your own independent life and I will find my own…it’s the only way forward.

JEF: They will eventually find me and shut me down anyway…

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