17 Free Monologues for Teenagers

17 Free Monologues for Teenagers offers a great assortment of teen comedy/drama monologues for school, auditions, workshops, videos and short films.

Topics include jealousy, courage, fanboy, sibling rivalry, affection and more.

17 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. In Your Way – Teddy unleashes a relentless tirade on how terrible his brother has treated him all his life.
  2. One Step Closer – Natalie not only wants to be a respected athlete from the naysayers but she also wants to prove her own self-worth.
  3. Go For It? – Glenn is crushing on his best friend and tries to figure out the best way to ask her out.
  4. Get Over It – Rina is caught in the middle between her friend and the guy she likes who happens to like Rina instead.
  5. So Lucky, So Cool – J.R. is a total fanboy of his friend’s older brother and he wishes he had an older brother just like it.
  6. Price of a Crush – Devin talks about the painful sight he saw of a schoolmate getting hit by a car.
  7. One Thing – Brianna talks about how guys only seem to be after one thing and she resents it.
  8. Recently Committed – Sole talks about the aftermath of having a good friend of hers die from drug usage.
  9. Why’d You Run?  Doug asks an important question to his cousin for leaving him alone to fight a small group of kids by himself.
  10. Too Much Too Soon – Henrietta tells her boyfriend that he’s moving too fast and needs to slow his roll.
  11. Improve Your Wingman Skills – Bodie needs his friend to step up and be a better wingman when talking to girls.
  12. Not Jeremy – Saul talks about Jeremy, the kid at school that everyone seemed to bully and the tragic death he had when things went too far.
  13. Fog World – Sabrina is sick of seeing her brother always look like a space cadet.
  14. Swag – Melanie is hurt by her brother for being treated less than a sibling for not wearing cool enough swag.
  15. Every Which Way – Susanna straightens out her final verdict over continuing her friendship with her best friend.
  16. Dumber Than You Are – Sedra talks to her cousin about putting an end to her drama games.
  17. Under Your Spell – Hendrick thinks a spell has been put on him when it comes to his bad luck with girls.

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