Playing House

In Playing House, Annie has reached her limit with how her family treats her and has decided to leave her husband and kids for good.

ANNIE:  Everybody’s latching on to me, like I’m some kind of, of, of prostitute. Clinging! Yanking! No more! I’m fed up with all of you. I’m not some punching bag you each take a turn hitting. I’m not some old maid that should be forced to cook and clean, and do laundry, and make dinner, and do the kid’s homework and comfort you each time you have a splinter in your toe. No! I’ve had enough of it. You don’t love me. The kids don’t love me. I’m just some woman everybody uses for their own selfish needs. Well, not anymore bucko. I’m not for sale! Don’t look at me like I’m talking gibberish. What are you gonna do? Huh? You gonna give me the whole, “That’s not true Annie, the kids and I love you more than life itself.” Horsesh’t! It’s time I love myself. I’ve given up my life for you and the kids. My life is drained from me. Vultures, sucking out my soul, day in and day out, until there’s nothing left to drain, nothing left of me…

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Playing House MiniIn this one-act ePlay, Annie comes home drunk in the early morning hours.  Her husband Jeffrey has been waiting up for her.  The two of them have it out and Annie decides to leave her husband and two children.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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