Grain of Sand

In Grain of Sand, Sasha talks to Matthew about why he needs to stay away from Donnie because if he doesn’t there will be consequences.

SASHA:  I rather talk to you nice about this cause Donnie is a good kid and now you may have f’d him up and I really wouldn’t be a good older sister if I didn’t visit you in person, right? Now look, I’m pretty easygoing and all and you seem like a nice guy and I admit it must be pretty easy for you to agree with me, without me threatening you and all because I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, but there are major consequences if you don’t listen to me…if I find out you talk to my brother again, I’m going to slaughter your entire f’n family tree like a California forest fire. All of them. Mommy, Daddy, Vicky, Todd, every friend you’ve ever known…your entire existence, up in flames and I will never stop until they are all gone forever and ever. (pause) I’ll only leave you…alive, breathing, scared…thinking one day it’s all going to go away, maybe years later, when enough time had passed by, you will forget about the carnage like it was some bad dream you’ve been trying to erase from your mind. When you start your own family, the darkness will come out again, cause it’s always watching, waiting…you will live in utter loneliness and despair, your only companion will be death…you will never see me, you will never hear me…but you will always feel me. I’ll always be right on your shoulder…close, warm…intoxicating.

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