Scratching The Surface

In Scratching The Surface, Ouzo talks about his drinking habits in order to help him see the world accurately without as much pain.

OUZO:  No. Hell, no. If I take the blinders off, I won’t be able to move. I’ll melt away. Keepin’ things grey is the only way for me to navigate some frame of balance…so I don’t topple over completely. I’ve tried. Gives me hives. Not even worth thinking about anymore. It’s impossible to deal with Elle, I break out into long sweats, body aches, head throbs…and it all leads to emptiness, like I need a meal and it sucks. Do I see all the colors? Yes, yes, yeah I do but seeing clearly doesn’t make things better, it makes things worse, cause I know it’s all too much for me to process, you see, it’s blinding and you know what happens? It leads me to that place of anxiety, the place where I’m all in my head and it just hurts, Elle…Nah, I ain’t cut out for it…the responsibility of translating with accuracy is beyond this crummy body I’ve been given…but when I numb life, you bet your ass I can see the sun shining off the head of a pin and that’s good enough for me.

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Scratching The Surface by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Scratching The Surface, Ouzo shows up at his ex-girlfriend Ellen’s art gallery, only to find out she lives in the loft above it.  The play takes place the following morning.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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