Why Ain’t You Been Around the House?

Ada and her father have a disgruntled relationship and in this scene they may reach a bonding point from 1 act eplay, Not When You’re Around.

ADA steps out of the cabin.

BARNEY: Why ain’t you been around the house?

ADA: (pointing to the cabin) This is my house now.

BARNEY: It’s on my property. That make it mine.

ADA: You want me to pay you for it? That why you can come down the hill?

BARNEY: You could show some appreciation.

ADA: Expect me to jump up and down, praising you like you’re some kind of God.

BARNEY: Don’t talk to me that way.

ADA: Then what?

BARNEY: I can throw you out.

ADA: Can you?


ADA: Why don’t ya?

BARNEY: You keep driving me to it.

ADA: I ain’t botherin’ you.

BARNEY: Even when you’re not around you bother me.

ADA: How’s that even possible?

BARNEY: Cause I worry ’bout you.

ADA: Yeah right you do. Only thing you worry about is how many beers you got left in the fridge. Ha!

BARNEY: I do worry, about things women will never understand.

ADA: Women! You gonna start on that male chauvinism?

BARNEY: I can’t talk freely?

ADA: No.

BARNEY: The problem with this world today. You say one thing, anything, they gut you like a pig.

ADA: Learn to evolve your way of thinking. The world’s changin’ for the better. You wanna stay left behind.

BARNEY: I don’t understand this world no more.

ADA: Stay in your house and don’t come out. That’s about the only guarantee you’ll have to stay out of trouble.

BARNEY: I never get into trouble.

ADA: (sarcastic) No, not you, not never.

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