Are we being like those people in the movies, Gus?

Drama scene from the stage play, “Fall No Further” wherein Mel doesn’t want Gus to take out the trash because of a strange feeling.

GUS: (beat) I won’t throw out the garbage then.

MEL: No! That’s not what I’m saying!

GUS: I know what you’re saying!

MEL: It’s not about the garbage, Gus!

GUS: Forget the damn garbage!

MEL: Don’t you understand what I’m saying?! Why can’t you ever…I don’t know how to put it all into words, phrases, the right phrase to describe what I’m feeling. Time, time is slipping by us, and it won’t slow down, we can’t bottle it up, it won’t leave us be until it has run its course.

GUS: Look here, darling…I know what you’re saying, and I’m saying I’m not throwing out that damn garbage tonight. Not on this night. I’ll do it any other night, but not on this night! You hear? Tonight I’m staying right here, right here in this house, with you! I’m going to wrap you up in my arms until the end of time. Is that alright?

MEL: …Are we, are we being like those people in the movies, Gus?

GUS: …How?

MEL: A bit melodramatic, perhaps?

GUS: Well, I, I’m not sure.

MEL: It’s okay to be melodramatic sometimes, isn’t it?

GUS: I don’t see why not.

MEL: It’s part of our life experience. Wouldn’t you say?

GUS: I say we snuggle up next to the fire. I’ll uncork a nice bottle of red wine and we will forget all about this garbage business.

MEL: I don’t want to think about this garbage business.

GUS: Neither do I, it’s cold outside.

MEL: It’s terribly cold.

GUS: It is miserable out there.

MEL: So miserable.

GUS: Yes, dear.

Gus takes off his winter coat. He hangs it up in the closet. The garbage bag rests centerstage.

I’ll see if I can catch the garbage truck in the morning, but if not, it won’t matter.

MEL: It won’t make a difference.

GUS: Are you still chilly?

MEL: Shall we go to the fireplace?

GUS: Go, I will grab the wine.

MEL: I think I’m starting to feel better Gus.

GUS: Are you sweetheart?

MEL: Yes, it was that strange feeling. The strangest feeling. But, oh, the hell with it! I think it’s going away now.

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