The Machine

In The Machine, Griffin speaks to his wife about the pain he’s in over the loss of his best friend Amelio from an accident at their job.

GRIFFIN: I can’t get over it. Not once did he take a single action on any of our concerns…not once. We’ve been working under dire conditions for years. I know what happened shouldn’t have ever happened. What I don’t know is if I’ll ever escape the image of him tied up in the machinery, tangled in his own blood…poor bastard didn’t want to die, he wasn’t ready to die, but they took him, didn’t they?…Must have given them evil bastards some kind of relief.  Don’t you think? You know what his last words to me were? “Save me”…right before his eyes rolled into the back of his head…and I’m supposed to come home every night, have dinner, go to bed and start a fresh day as if that day didn’t exist? As if nothing ever transpired? As if Amelio wasn’t real?…They left him there, his ghost and everything, while all of us were forced to go back to our stations day into night and continue on working. It was days before they removed the machine he drew his last breath in, days in which we were forced to relive the nightmare that won’t ever leave us…it won’t ever leave us Farah and I’m supposed to go on?

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The Machine 1 Act PlayIn the one act eplay The Machine, Griffin talks to his wife about what a painful reality his toxic work environment has over their happiness.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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