Five Months Later

In the drama monologue from one-act eplay, “Five Months Later” Bree admits to Carlston why she left him without giving word.

BREE: It’’s been worked out – sort of. I should be fine, though. I’m a small fish in a large pond, and the water’s so murky I should be able to keep swimming without harm. I keep my distance. I don’t look back. I look ahead…I have always just looked ahead, Carl. Ahead is where life has always been for me. I’ve been trying to get things in order, alright? I’ve been trying to fix whatever the hell needs fixing. I didn’t expect to hear the news about your mother. I liked your mother, sometimes a lot more than I liked you. I knew she saw something in us. I saw something in her too; I just couldn’t stay. I couldn’t. (beat) I was embarrassed. Embarrassed of who I am. There. I said it. You know, I have my own dignity and pride, and it’s not because I come from some wealthy establishment. I never really thought I’d fit in your life; I mean, it just pained me to feel you deserved better.

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Five Months Later by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Five Months Later” Bree shows up at Carlston’s apartment late in the night.  The story unfolds the following morning as Carlston and Bree discuss the issues coming between their feelings.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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