The Napoleon Club

In The Napoleon Club, J.B. explains to one of his workers that when a job gets done it needs to be done right or suffer the consequences.  

J.B. BERKSHIRE: My wife is making dinner, don’t wish to alarm her none. Sounds do travel over the land as loud as a whisper in your ear.

(J.B. closes the barn doors.)  (J.B. sits on a wooden stool. Wipes his forehead with a kerchief.)

I was always interested in the likes of sound, but my daddy never would have allowed me to go to school to become a sound engineer. No, sir. I sure enough stayed on the farm, worked the land and that was that. No ifs, no ands or buts. I listened to what he said because he was my authority, he was law. If he told me to jump off the top of the barn, I’d go ahead and jump. You know why I listened? Cause I knew what would happen to me if I didn’t.

Maybe you forgot Pal, maybe you forgot what happens when you don’t listen. It’s funny cause, my daddy would give me the most severe punishment for the most mundane things. He was a harsh man. Like, if I didn’t retrieve the empty milk pale and wash it completely out, he’d burn me at the stake. (chuckles) Sh’t. He was a real rotten S.O.B. What do you think that makes me? (beat) You could hate me or love me, but one thing you can’t do is ignore me…to ignore someone, that’s the worst kind of insult, don’t you think? To pretend someone isn’t there…that takes a certain deliberate will power, don’t it? That’s worse than calling someone a bad name to their face. I’ve been called quite a few in my day. Ha, ha. But to ignore me, to act like I don’t exist…well…that almost makes me think I don’t matter. Makes me feel all sad inside. And I don’t like feeling sad.

I’m of the elk that prefer to cut straight to the chase, keep things out in the open, this way everyone keeps on the same page at all times. Order. I believe in it. Without order, what’ve we got?

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