The Signing

In this monologue, Eliza talks to her best friend about whether or not she should sign a prenuptial agreement for the man she is truly in love with.

ELIZA: I’m not signing it.  He must be out of his mind.  He flipped his lid!  If he wanted to have a prenuptial agreement then he should have told me early on in our relationship.  Not now!  Now he tells me.  I can’t believe him.  It makes me feel cheated.  I’m not signing that damn paper or whatever the heck it is, I’m not doing it.

If he loves me he needs to love me for me.  I don’t want his money.  It’s not like I am marrying him for his money.  If he was poor I would marry him cause I love him passionately.  He is a great man.  He is everything I ever wanted in a man.


Damn!  I can’t believe a piece of paper is coming between us.  Everything we are to one another, everything…I love him so much, Carla.  I don’t want to lose him like this.


Maybe I should sign on the dotted line.  It just angers me because it makes me feel like he doesn’t trust me.  It makes me feel like something WILL go wrong between us.

Oh, I don’t know…what should I do?  What do you think I should do?

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The Signing is a one-act ePlay with three characters, ELIZA, CARLA and JOHN.  The piece explores the strength of love in the face of adversity and temptation.

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