Fishin’ for Misery

In Fishin’ for Misery, (comedy monologue) Max is having a freak out moment because he is so unhappy with his mundane life and career.

MAX:  How do you live each day of your life the way that you do? Everything is so casual, easy. You don’t stress over nothing. I’ve never seen you worry about a damn thing and look at yourself, you’re a moron. You have no career, no money, no prospects…how do you even get by? Whenever I see you it’s always easy street. I’ve never seen you drop a bead of sweat on anything Nicky. Don’t you wanna be something in your life?

Don’t you? Don’t you want to amount to something more than some dunce that dwells in the valley? …I didn’t mean to diss…I’m just upset, okay? It’s my own b.s. Has nothing to do with you. Hanging out with you and all makes me feel like I’m like you and you’re a, oh man, do you follow me or what? I feel like I’m in Loserville! We come to the same joint every time to have beers and talk the same sh’t and see the same…we’re friends with Leonard the singing homeless man for goodness sakes. We’re on a first name basis. Other than you he’s my closest contact in this town. He’s come over my apartment for random sleepovers. And is that a good idea? Am I going insane? What’s going on? I think I’m losing my mind man…I need to smoke up, we should smoke up, tell me you have some greenery. My head’s gonna, I’m gonna tear my f’n head off my shoulders and throw it down one of the bowling lanes across the street and go out on a strike. I’m buggin’…do you have any?

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Fishin' for Misery by Joseph ArnoneIn the comedy one act eplay Fishin’ for Misery, Max is a filmmaker down on his luck and can’t get a script backed by anyone in Hollywood.  He confides in his friend Nicky at their usual hangout bar.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Comedy/Serio-Comedy.

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