Yell, Kick and Scream

In the monologue “Yell, Kick and Scream” Gallagher shares with his friend what his sleeping experience has been like in recent years.

GALLAGHER:  I’ve always felt it, but like you said, things have gone haywire and I’m worse. Can’t sleep. Wake up during the middle of the night in a pool of sweat. Drenched. Head to toe. I sleep with a gallon next to my bed now. Hydrate. Feel like I’m dying all the time, but the water keeps me safe. By morning, nearly eighty percent of the water is gone. I wake up throughout the night. Takes me at least an hour to fall back asleep again. One time I got up to urinate, kept myself in a somewhat odd sleep state and just as I was about to finish, I passed out, fell back into the shower curtain, down into the tub. My head. Bulge. Felt like my eye shifted to my nose. Took a week to get over it, emotionally. Scared. I’ve just been so scared lately. I’ve never had such pressure. Go for these walks, long walks, hour walks. Pond, by my house. Same sh’t. Relaxes. Somewhat. The ducks…ya know. So yeah, overall, I’m drowning in mud but something’s telling me that if I stay the course, right, I’ll push past it. So, I’m just trying to push past it. Hopefully.

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Yell Kick and Scream by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, ‘Yell, Kick and Scream’, Gallagher and Orion have a meeting to discuss the possibility of working with someone for hire, which segues into touching on philosophy and back again.  2 Men. Drama with a touch of serio-comedy riding beneath.

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