Coffee Table

Melanie is a psycho ward patient. She talks to a person that only she sees.  There may be more going on under the surface than we first notice.

MELANIE:  My table came to life. I was just staring at it and it came to life. It started with the legs…the legs of the table. They moved first. It was quick and I had to blink really hard a few times to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.

Then it happened again. I was like, “What the heck is going on around here?”

I stared directly at the table, it was a coffee table and…glass…glass coffee table, and the glass that sat on the legs of the table opened up and jaws, TEETH, teeth came out like a shark and it started biting the air and the legs became fully animated and it was a monster now and this monster table wanted to eat me.

…it wanted to eat me…

So I, I ran and got the chair and I bashed it…I bashed the glass coffee table monster.

I killed it…it’s dead!

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MELANIE sits in her room in the psycho ward facility, talking with ANDREW about the possibility of hurting NURSE STEIN, but all isn’t as it seems in this one act play.

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