You Don’t Love Me Anymore?

A dark humor one-act play script No Is Better Than Silence, about a young couple battling for love in the face of constant disagreements.  

MICKEY: You don’t love me anymore?

KYRA: I can’t be with you the way that it’s been. Every relationship is different and we need to stay true to ours. We haven’t been staying true to it.

MICKEY: And signing a new lease on an apartment makes total sense for us.

KYRA: It does.

MICKEY: How does that make sense?

KYRA: Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to live with them, that’s what I’ve realized.

MICKEY: How are you going to afford your own apartment, Kyra?

KYRA: I’m on my break.

MICKEY: What do you mean?

KYRA: I work here.

MICKEY: HERE?! …with Archie?!

KYRA: Yeah, I got another five minutes till I’m back on. I’m working the night shift and I love it. It’s quiet, I’ll make enough to pay my bills and I have a ton of time to finish my book.

MICKEY: Why would you want to work here?

KYRA: Just told you.

MICKEY: I feel like I’m in some sick comedy nightmare.

KYRA: You see, for the longest time I’ve felt less. Not so much as a woman, I’ve always kept that intact but more so as a human being. I fell into the trap of relying on you, for everything. So much so that I couldn’t go anywhere without asking for a handout. The last time I used to go around like that I was a child asking my mother for change so I could hit up the candy store and get candy. It affected my psyche and began chipping away at my psyche until finally bringing me back to a place where I couldn’t cope with the imbalance between us. You started giving me demands, I started doing things I didn’t want to do around the house out of guilt. You gave me more demands, started questioning me all the time, until finally I caught you reading my novel, without my permission and all you had to say was nothing but negative things about it. All you cared about was your own character in my book. Never taking into account that it’s a fictional character stemming from my imagination. Yes, there are similar traits, yes you’ve inspired me to create this character but you went way too hard on me in such a selfish, inconsiderate way that something finally snapped inside of me, like a rope keeping a boat in place during a hurricane and I was that rope and I’m the one who SNAPPED! Now I’m off sailing as the captain of my ship and I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and I don’t need you.

MICKEY: Captain of your own ship, huh?

KYRA: That’s right.

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No Is Better Than SilenceIn this one-act ePlay, KYRA has left her living arrangement with her boyfriend MICKEY. Mickey finds her at their local neighborhood diner two days after their fall out.  Do love sparks still fly between these two passionate people or does all hell break loose?

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