Monologues That Will Make The Audience Cry

Need a dramatic monologue that will make your audience cry?  Monologues have the dramatic ability to open hearts and make people feel a flood of emotions.

In this post we are sharing with you a few monologues for men/women that are in the drama genre that may connect with you for an audition.

Monologues That Will Make The Audience Cry

Monologues for Men

HENRY AND THE WIZARD – Henry tries to convey to his wife that he is just an average man.

MY YOUTH – Herschel tries to come to terms with his music teacher’s death.

FREDDY FERRARA – Freddy call his brother to tell him he’s skipping town.

MEXICAN CITY DREAMS – Miguel talks about his dream of one day becoming an American citizen.

Monologues for Women

LICK MY WOUNDS – Crystal feels that is her boyfriend isn’t happy that they should call it quits.

STAND UP – J talks about fighting for what you believe in and never giving up.

BEAUTIFUL DAY – Linda wishes she was physically beautiful but a stranger may shed light on her that makes her rethink her thoughts.

SECOND LOOK – Cher isn’t so sure that she is as attractive as she used to be.


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