A Reasonable Plan

In the drama monologue A Reasonable Plan, Shabe tries to strike a last minute deal with a hit man in order to avoid committing a crime.

SHABE: Please, let me give you a nice sum of cash. I can’t have blood on my hands, I can’t. I know why your boss is doing this and it isn’t right. He’s going to own me for the rest of my life and I can’t allow that to happen.

Please, we can work out a deal together, just you and me, it will be our special secret…

I’ll pay you a bundle of cash and you can go in there and kill that man. And I know you have to take a photo of me killing the guy and everything, I get it, but can’t you just say the camera didn’t work? Make up some story so he will believe you and this way I can own my life.

I’ll give you fifty grand. How does fifty grand sound? That’s gotta be a good sum for an animal like you, right? Fifty thousand dollars and you take care of it, I’ll sit right here in the car, no photos and you can say I did the deed. You tell your boss you witnessed me shoot the poor bastard, kill him and I can go about my merry way.

Yeah? Doesn’t that sound like a reasonable plan?

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A Reasonable Plan is a short ePlay about a man named SHABE who is being forced to commit a crime against his will.

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