The Data Evaluation

In The Data Evaluation Mr. Higgs calls on employee Gerald in order to fire him based on his data work ethic report.

MR. HIGGS: …They do not have a far reaching talent as you do. Take a seat Gerald. You were hired for your promise, which outdid your contemporaries but you have remained average, deliberately. It is understandable, never pushing past yourself, never reaching your full potential, for why bother, correct? You were already outperforming the rest of them. However, it’s been months, Mr. Reynolds. There have been warnings you have ignored, signs. And months is a significant amount of time to peer into your data and observe that your progress has stagnated. Disappointment describes you, Mr. Reynolds. You play it safe, you do not take calculated risks, you do not jump into the unknown. What is life if it were not for our capacity to imagine? What has had you expect to remain here? You are the same today as the day you arrived. The data reveals the truth. The data is never wrong. You can threaten me and demand to keep your place but this isn’t a game. This is an algorithm. We adhere to its fundamental understandings or we go extinct. There are protections in place to avoid this. Do you understand, Mr. Reynolds?

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The Data Evaluation by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, ‘The Data Evaluation’, Gerald gets fired from his job because ‘the data’ that reviews his work ethic capabilities isn’t happy with his progress.  4 Men.  Drama. Science Fiction. 

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