Before The Night Blows Cold

In the script Before The Night Blows Cold, Billy is desperate for cash and goes to the only person he can trust the he believes will help him out, Azumi.

Before The Night Blows Cold

Billy stands at front door entrance to Azumi’s apartment.

AZUMI:  I don’t want to see your face ever again, Billy.

BILLY:  Please, Azumi, you don’t understand—

AZUMI:  I do understand!

BILLY:  You are the only person I can depend on, I have no one else.

AZUMI:  You don’t have me, either.

BILLY:  I know that’s not true, don’t bullshit me.

AZUMI:  NO, you are bullshitting me.  I’ve given you thousands and you haven’t had the decency not only to pay me back but to also never bring it up to me once.  You disappeared right after!  Am I trash to you, bitch?

BILLY:  But you know I’m good for it.

AZUMI:  It’s been three months, bitch.

BILLY:  Please, let me just tell you what’s going on with me—

AZUMI: It doesn’t matter what’s going on with you, bitch.  I don’t have any money you can borrow.

BILLY:  What about your brother?  Your brother can lend it to you and—

AZUMI:  My brother will kill you.

BILLY:  Aren’t you down with me anymore?

AZUMI:  You only come to me when you need money.

BILLY: That’s not true.  You know how I feel.

AZUMI: Liar!  Don’t stand there and lie to my face!

BILLY:  Azumi, you want to do this shit right now?!  I’m hanging by a thread over here!! I can’t—

(she slams door)

…Az…Azumi…grrrr…(forced calm) honey tea listen…damn it!  …Honey, listen, okay, it’s been a long three months…I’ve been screwed every which way possible.  I had your money weeks ago but as you may have discovered, I got a gambling problem, alright?  Big fat bastard Tony somehow found out that I had a stash and I owed his gangster ass money and he pressed me for it and took the whole thing.

I didn’t want to see you cause I didn’t want to look at you ashamed…I been trying ever since to raise the cash back and I’ve come close a few times but…tonight I thought I finally had it but as always I have no luck and it’s worse cause I took off at some card game, took some lumps but got away and now I have all kinds of people after me…I’m in so much shit I can’t even stand straight up in it, baby…you’re all I think about…day and night…your skin, your lips…sometimes I think about you so hard I can smell you and it drives me crazy…last freaking thing I wanna do is bring you into any of this but I got no one, no one, not a living soul who cares even an inch about my sorry ass.  I’m a scumbag and I know it and I wanted to try…one last…I’m sorry, I’m going, I…

Billy walks off.

Azumi opens the door.

AZUMI:  I hate your guts.

BILLY:  I hate my guts, too.  Least we hate the same guy, right?

AZUMI:  Why do you do this to me?

BILLY:  I just went on a whole monologue rant about it.

AZUMI:  It’s all true?

BILLY:  It’s worse than that but I figured I’d give you the “stuck on the other side of the door” version.

AZUMI:  Not funny.

BILLY:  Not trying to be funny.

AZUMI:  Why is your face so bad?

BILLY:  I told ya I got the shit kicked out of me but escaped.  You have no idea.

AZUMI:  I really have no money.  I’m being evicted.

BILLY:  Great.  (beat)  Can I crash tonight cause they are on the hunt but nobody knows about you, so…

AZUMI:  You can stay on the floor.

BILLY:  What happened to the couch I got you?

AZUMI:  I set it on fire.

BILLY:  I can’t stay on the other side of the bed?

Azumi starts closing the door.

BILLY:  Alright, alright, chill, just chill, I will sleep on the floor.


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