The Ghosts of Our Ancestors

In The Ghosts of Our Ancestors, Tiara reveals to her Uncle Ivan just how terribly upset she is over how they are on the verge of losing their family estate.

TIARA: If you do not stop this talk right now, I will be forced to leave the grounds and not return. I cannot witness anymore of your self-portrayed misery. You talk to me about ghosts? I do not fear such ghosts, least of all this depression you keep yourself in.

Eleanna shall receive my letter and Mr. Clusterfield will rescue our cause. He is a good man and has done much for our family. He is honest and decent and you shouldn’t bad mouth him the way that you do. If he has an ill opinion of you than so be it, but what do you care about what he thinks regardless.

Haven’t you taught me to remain independent minded? To never allow others to bring fear upon me?

Well, why don’t you take some of your own advice? Since when did you become such a deflated man.
Where is the Uncle Ivan I grew up knowing? Where is your vitality?!

I’m sorry, but no, I can’t even look in your direction, if you are going to change like this. I would not wish to know you if this is…I have no father, I have no mother…and now you want to take my Uncle Ivan away from me, too?


No, this I will not permit.

Everyone falls on difficult times, do they not? Everyone! We have experienced hard times before and we have survived. Why is this case any different?

I will not allow what’s left of my heritage to be taken from me, not by you, not by Mr. Clusterfield, not by anyone.

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The Ghosts of Our AncestorsIn this one-act ePlay Uncle Ivan and Tiara try to figure out the best way to go about saving the family estate or else face the consequences of losing their family heritage.

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