Beneath The Surface

In Beneath The Surface, Martha talks to her teen daughter about how fortunate they are to have a home despite the polluted air.

MARTHA:  Who knows and who cares? He got us a house, didn’t he? And in time, when things get better out there, we gonna sell it and move on and buy ourselves a better house in a cleaner neighborhood. We ain’t gonna be here forever, you know. It’s all gonna work out, I got my plans in place, just gotta put up with the way things are for a little while longer. I have been saving you know. And pretty soon you gonna be workin’ and together we can save a whole lot faster and we gonna buy us a brand new home with lights that don’t have minds of their own, and refrigerators that don’t growl in the night, or these leaks we’ve had to put up with, these damn leaks…but most of all, the thing that worries me is them smells we often get that gives me them headaches that I don’t tell you anything about.

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Beneath The Surface by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay beneath The Surface Martha and Fiona are a mother/daughter pair living in a house in a polluted neighborhood.  The quality of the air is dangerous but the two manage to carve out a life for themselves with aspirations of a better future.  1 Woman, 1 Female Teen.  Drama.

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