Mind Trick

Mind Trick is a teen drama monologue that explores how one deals with strange thoughts and erratic behavior within ourselves.

Male/Female:  Sometimes I feel like I’m not normal…what is normal anyway, right?  I guess, like everyone else.  I get stupid thoughts sometimes.  I keep them to myself because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a weirdo.  I wonder if everyone gets strange thoughts but just don’t want to admit it.  I think we all get strange thoughts.  You want to know what kind of thoughts I get?  (beat)  Well, I can’t tell you cause, it’s too embarrassing.  It is.  I just can’t.  I mean, you ever have a thought where your mind just wanders off into some unknown world and it captivates you for a minute or two and suddenly you snap out of it because you realize that it’s a messed up thought?

That’s as far as I want to go with it, with what I’m telling you cause it makes me feel funny discussing this but do you, honestly; do you ever—does your mind ever play tricks on you?

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SAHARA approaches M/F to make a new friend but is her real motive may be something way more sinister than meets the eye in this one-act play. 

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