8 Intense Female Dramatic Monologues

8 Intense Female Dramatic Monologues may be used for acting practice, auditions, demo reel, video content or acting classes.

Topics include feeling beautiful, integrity, vulnerability, encouragement and more.

8 Intense Female Dramatic Monologues

BEAUTIFUL DAY – this monologue is about feeling beautiful on the inside more so than on the outside.

TWO SHADES AWAY – this monologue is about how sometimes you can chase something but still feel that it always seems to exceed your grasp.

SLY STATEMENTS – this monologue is about sticking up for your own integrity and self-respect.

LICK MY WOUNDS – this monologue is about how it sometimes may be better to cut ties than go through a never ending source of hurt.

CONTENTS FLAMMABLE – this monologue covers a painful incident to a child during the care of her mother.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – this monologue is about how we can sometimes feel that we are not vulnerable enough to have deeper relationships.

WHERE’D SHE GO? – this monologue is about losing your child at a department store.

SPIRIT FORWARD – this monologue is about helping the people we care about pursue their ambitions.

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