Buck’s Last Straw

In Buck’s Last Straw, Rick tries to help his friend out by getting him back on the right track in his life.

RICK:  You could be a celebrity by now but you’re too picky. You say no to everything, everything! Yeah, I get it, some aren’t the best roles in the best stories, but how are you ever going to get the best offers if you don’t start somewhere Buck? Everybody starts somewhere but you, you want to start from the top and that’s your problem. Always been your problem. Nothing is ever good enough, talk ’bout high maintenance! They’re out there asking for you but it just doesn’t register with you, does it? Come on, if you don’t realize it soon, you’re gonna exist in some middle of the road life because you’re not taking the risks, you don’t put your ego aside and all these roles that are waiting for you are passing you by, they’re going to someone else more deserving of them because you’re above it all and one day, one day there won’t be any more opportunities and what will you do then Buck? Time is running from you. Take this western and watch all the work it’ll lead to, it’ll grow your reputation, you can feel good about yourself again and not argue so much with that crazy ass woman you have back home.

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Buck's Last Straw by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Buck’s Last Straw, Buck shows up at Rick’s house bruised by his wife and confused about his marriage and career.  2 Men.  Serio-comedy.

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